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Electric Scooters - HCF 701
HCF 701 and the 705 are very similiar scooters - they are almost identical in terms of performance and specifications. The main difference between both is 705 has a seat while the 701 does not. In this section we will refer to both scooters when we are reviewing the HCF 701 electric scooter.

The HCF 701 electric scooter is a scooter that is well constructed like the 707, but it does not have all the same nice featues like the 707. Scooter is exceptionally light for a scooter with suspension. It weighs 45 pounds with the battery and 29 pounds without the battery. This scooter also is in a class with good speed with the top speed of 15.6 MPH. Also the scooter can serve as an excellent travel scooter due to its versatility and it slight weight.

The tires HCF 701 are eight inch tires, nowhere near as large as the tires on the 707, but still pretty good. They are not hard like other lower quality tires. Another strong characteristic of the 701 is that it has the dual suspension. It is rarely that scooter that is built like this that has suspension. Most scooters with suspension are a lot larger and bulkier - the 701 is a pretty lean machine. The 701 also has an option to have a seat attched to the back of it.. In this case it will be called the 705. Also we have found the 701 to be constructed well and also reliable. This scooter he is excellent for traveling, older children, and for short trips to the store.

Altogether this is a good scooter. It is currently priced somewhat high, but the quality value tradeoff is there. This scooter is also a great gift for kids for a birthday or around the holidays.
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