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Electric Scooter Comparisons
Why go with the Volt?
New for 2002, only the Volt offers safety, quality, and next generation design at a budget price. The Volt compares in price to an older generation of "Z Type" scooters yet has next generation features that make it a far superior product. Compare the Volt with the "Z-Type" competition and see why the Volt is the only scooter to offer safety, quality, and next generation design on a budget.
Scooter Features Volt Z-Types
Aluminum Construction Yes No
Fortified Hinge Yes No
Reinforced Seat Bracket Yes No
Adjustable Seat Position Yes No
Metal Battery Casing Yes No
Long Flat Foot Deck Yes No
Chrome Front Fender Yes No

1. Aluminum Construction
The aluminum construction of the Volt makes it lighter and stronger. The older "Z-Type" scooter uses steel and plastic which is heavy and less reliable.

2. Fortified Hinge
The hinge mechanism on the Volt is fortified to make sure that the steering column latches securely when unfolded and erected. Older "Z-Type" scooters do not latch as securely and may flex back and forth, causing an unstable ride.

3. Reinforced Seat Bracket
The bracket mechanism on the Volt is reinforced to make the attachment of the seat more secure. The older "Z-Type" scooters have "horseshoe" type insertion bars and do not have reinforcement to prevent the seat from wiggling back and forth or forward and backward.

4. Adjustable Seat Position
The seat on the Volt attaches to a mechanism that allows for the seat to be adjusted closer or farther from the steering column. This makes the ride more comfortable and stable because it can be adjusted to the most stabel center of gravity position. The older "Z-Type" scooters have a fixed seat position that is far from the steering column and may cause the scooter to wiggle or unexpectedly lift the front wheel off the ground during acceleration because the weight of the rider is distributed too far back.

5. Metal Battery Casing
The casing around the batter of the Volt is metal and can withstand normal riding impacts. The older "Z-Type" scooter has a plastic casing which could break from impacts during riding such as a rock impact.

6. Long Flat Foot Deck
The foot deck on the Volt is flat, uses a non-slip aluminum grooves for improved gripping, and has a refined and sleek appearance. The flat deck provides good balance, feel, and does not limit riding positions. The older "Z-Type" has a "wedge" deck which can be awkward and limiting for the rider.

7. Chrome Front Fender
The stylish front fender of the Volt is made from a sleek and shiny chrome. The older "Z-Type scooter uses plastic which is not as strong or as appealing.

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