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Electric Scooter - X Port 711
The range of this scooter is absolutely good - almost 12 miles partially because this is such a light scooter. The X-Port 711 also has a unique system of impulsion that lets the wheels turn when the engine is turned off. Other scooters do not have this freewheel capability. When the battery of this scooter electrical is drained, it can be used like standard non motorized scooter. On the other hand, when the motor is extinguished, the system of impulsion of this scooter will bypass the motor and left freewheel of the rider. This is helpful if the rider is going up a steep incline, or is going down a hill and wants to save the motor.

The X-Port 711 electric scooter a scooter that is made out of a light weight aluminum. This scooter provides one of the most favorable speed and weights available. The frame is extremely light and it is possible to be brought onto a bus, plane or to be pushed into the trunk of a car or a RV. X-Port 711 goes up to 18 mph and provides a lot of speed for the rider. This speed makes X-Port 711 one of the fastest electri scooters available The speed is also great to reach the destination quickly.

The only problem that we found with this scooter is that it has a rear acceleration system. Although scooter boasts a high superior speed, is difficult for a heavy rider to reach this top speed. On the other hand, scooter has some difficulties going upon mountainous land, specially because the weight of the rider affects the ability to climb hills. These difficulties nevertheless, have been solved with the last version of scooter the X-port.

The X-Port 711 also lacks an option the seat so if you are tired, you must continue standing. ) All in all, we would strongly prefer this to scooter on scooters like the Zappy in all the categories (speed, range, and weight). On the other hand, this scooter the free characteristic of the wheel in the marks of scooter is designed well and this a great one to have. The price is reasonable just underneath $400 and compares favorable to many others scooters in this range of price.
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