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Electric Scooter - X Port Plus
The X-Port Plus electric scooters is an excellent scooter. The body is made almost entirely of aluminum and is very lightweight. The scooter also has a lot of other nice features that make it an improvement over earlier models. The main and most visible improvement is the 350 watt motor. Given the new motor, the Z Port Plus offers a great speed to weight combinations available. This great ratio makes this scooter a good choice for kids who will need to pick it up or for people who need to pick this unit up to store it in the trunk of a car or to bring it on a bus or train.

The X-Port Plus goes almost 20 miles per hour, making it one of the faster electric scooters out there that you can still fold up and take with you. Moreover, the powerful motor allows this scooter to go up hills a lot easier than its predecessor. The range of this scooter is okay - it could be better at 12 miles per battery change. There is also not a real good way to strap on an extra battery. The newer version of this unit will probably make some of these improvements.

Like the X-Port, the Plus electric scooter also has free wheel capability. This is especially helpful if you run out of battery power and need to move the scooter - you don't need to carry it but can move along by using the unit as a kick scooter. This can also help to save the battery life by letting coast down a hill to save the battery power.

One thing that the X-Port does not have is a seat option. for most kids and teenager, this is okay, but for others this make make them rule out the X-Port Plus. We found this scooter to be a great scooter on most light hills and flat surfaces. It also could support a full adult. All in all, we would strongly prefer this scooter to scooters like the Zappy in all the categories (speed, range, and weight). In terms of the speed, most of the others scooters do not even compare to this one. The scooter appears designed well and it also has the nice freewheel feature. The price is reasonable at just under $400 and compares favorable to many others scooters in this range of price.
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