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Electric Scooter - Zappy Turbo
The Zappy Turbo is a scooter created in the tradition of the Zappy 2. The Turbo electric scooter still has the same look and feel as the Zappy 2 - the same sleek body, the same wheels, and the same deck and handlebars. The Zappy Turbo also has two speeds: cruise (15 mph) and turbo (18 mph). This true variable throttle makes the Zappy Turbo a scooter that many people desire to own. Moreover, the Zappy Turbo is well tested and has been one the market for a long time.

The first production of the product was sold out in a question of days due to the exceptional demand for these scooters. The price in the Zappy Turbo is somewhat high, at $699. Whereas the price label excludes some buyers, this one is a fast scooter. Zap has slipped a little bit in their latest offerings. Although the Turbo is a nice scooter, there are scooters out there that do the same thing and are available for half the price. The battery life of the scooter leaves something to be desired as well. The scooter travels only about 8 miles on a charge.

Turbo offers an exceptional combination of speed and energy and is great for the adults, the collge students, and older children. With the amount of speed, we would recommend this to scooter for only the experienced riders and we would not give this to scooter to the young children. On the other hand, Zap has done a great work in the manufacture of this scooter in that it appeals visually. With the body brand new and the additions to the board, the Zappy Turbo is a true display scooter. This scooter is great for people that want to stick with the Zap brand.
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