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It can be difficult to locate the correct scooter given the number of companies that are selling scooters. Clearly however, there are a couple of things to check to make sure that you are not buying a poor quality scooter or a scoter that is supported by a company that is not able to support the scooters. This article is designed to provide a short list of items to look for when your are purchasing a scooter. This list is not designed to be exhaustive, but it is definately a place to start.

Scooter Materials: The materials that the scooter is created out of can go a long ways toward detemining the scooter's durability and quality. The highest quality scooters are generally made out of aluminum. This is durable and is also a lighter metal than steel. Moreover, cheaper scooters usually have a lot of plastic pieces that will break when they are used. Generally, you should look for an aluminum body.

Wires: If scoters have a lot of wires that are visible and dangling around, these will probably provide problems in the future. If a scooter wire is exposed, the wire can be stepped on by the rider or else is vulnerable in the event of a collision or a rough stop. Try to stay away from scooter with many exposed wires.

Charger: The charger is an important piece of the scooter. The charger should be powerful enough to charge the battery quickly and should charge somewhere in the range of 4 to 5 hours. Many quality chargers offer an automatic shutoff to prevent damage to the scooter in the event that they are overcharged. Don't overcharge the scooter.

Wetness: Many electric scooters cannot be ridden in the rain. However there are some scooters that do have sealed electronics that can be ridden in the rain. If you are in a climate zone where it rains frequently, you should look for a scooter with sealed batteries and electronic components.

Motor size: Motor size can be one of the key determinants in the speed and power of the scooter. The motor is especially important for going up a hill. If the motor is not up to the challenge, then the scooter will not make it up or can overheat. If the rider is heavier, a large motor is important just to transport the rider.

Part Availability: The availability of parts is another key in purchasing a scooter. If you are purchasing an old or discontinued model, you may get a great price, but you may not be able to get parts down the road. Items that may need to be replaced at the batteries, tires, belts, and tubes.

Company selling the scooter: The company selling the scooter can tell you a lot about the quality of a particular scooter. Check to see how long a particular company has been in business. There are a lot of fly by night companies that try to sell scooters and are there one day and gone the next. In the meantime, they have left you with a poor quality scooter and no support or replacement parts when you have a problem.

Batteries: Always check the batteries and the date that the scooter is manufactured. Certain batteries have a short life cycle, and consequently would need to be replaced quickly. A good set of batteries should charge anywhere from 300 to 500 times before they need to be replaced. Also check when the batteries were made - older batteries or batteries that have been sitting in a warehouse amy have a shorter life cycle.
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