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Electric Scooters - Razor
Razors electric scooters are actually a reintroduction of a fad that was originally popular earlier this century. Now a fad, Razor scooters are an important type of scooter and are a must have holiday gift. Razor's designs are unique - they are often highlighted by a flat, sleek board and the razor brand name. Again most Razor electric scooters have a thin body and extended handle staffs that help to differentiate the brand from other kinds of electric scooters. This makes Razor electric scootersmore of a contrast to comparable scooters on the market. However there is a compromise which develops with razor scooters; since they are typically smaller, they sometimes do not have as much power as other scooters although this is changing. This article looks to examine Razors version of its electric scooters: the mini Razor electric, and the Razor 131 e electric scooter.

Razor mini electricscooter represents the new razor, low cost electrical scooter for kids. The Minie is approximately the same size as non motorized Razor scooter and is very compact. This scooter goes up to 8 miles on a battery charge - which is enough for most scooter outings. The battery recharging time lat 3 hours is a little bit long, but pretty standrd for this type of scooter. However the battery is simple to load and can be plugged into the wall. The Razor Minie runs also on a smaller engine. It has an upper speed of around 8 miles per hour moves omwhat more slowly than other version. The other small impairment to the razor Minie is the wheel size - the smaller wheel size can nmake it neccessarty to replace the wheels more frequently. Since the wheels are harderthey can wear down and get stuck in cracks like the kick scooter. According to our opinion the razor Minie the perfect scooter for somewhat younger children. The upper speeds make this scooter a safer bet than other electric scooters. In addition its compact size lets it ride more simply and gives it more manueverbility for younger kids. The razor Minie seems also to be more like an electric scooter for beginners because of the above-mentioned characteristics. In addition the cost is rather good at around $100. This low price permits a beginner to buy quality electricscooter at an appropriate price. All in all, we believe that the price point for the razor Mini represents a nice value for scooter customers.

Razor 131 E battery propelled Scooter is also a good scooter - it has a little more power and speed. This electric scooter, like many other electric scooters is compact and light. An upper speed of straight over 10 miles per hour gives the 131 E with more speed than the razor a Minie, together with a more efficient engine. One of nice characteristics of the 131 E is the fact that the battery can be removed. A nice brake characteristic and other features make this a good lightweight scooter. The 3 hours of recharge time is resonable. Safety items on the 131 E it are rather useful - the engine turns off automatically when the brake is used and not will engage itself until the scooter is moving forward again. We regard the Minie as a middle experience scooter. As all razors scooters, its size is compact. It can be carried on a bus, a car or can be easily transported. The point of price on the 131 E is appropriate - right around $220.
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