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Electric Scooter - Tiger
The Tiger electric scooter is a colorful unit that offers good performance. The tiger is quite distinctive with orange and black colorations for those looking to make a statement. The deck has silver and black colors while the body of the scooter looks somewhat orange. the tiger is also available in green and silver as well.

The Tiger electric scooter is very similar to certain other models of electric scooters in terms of performance and reliability. The Currie electric scooters are built in a general manner similar to the Tiger. One key difference, however is that the tiger has the more study chain drive, while most Curries come with standard belt drives. The Tiger also features a 400 watt motor for increased power. This motor makes the Tiger a great hill climber and also makes the Tiger fit for people in higher weight brackets. The Tiger also offers a top speed of just over 15 mph, very similar to Currie scooters that are in this class.

The Tiger also has a unique drive system that allows the scooter to freewheel by the rider. This saves battery power when the scooter is moving down a hill. It also allows the rider to travel much further on a single battery change since the freewheel use saves the bettery life.

The Tiger electric scooter is also a somewhat long scooter. However, the legnth of the scooter is not too long and give the rider a good platform to stand on top of. Moreover, the sterring column of the Tiger folds down easily over top of the borad so that the Tiger can be stored, transported, or carried. In terms of weight, the tiger is about average for an electric scooter. The Tiger has a weight the is just over 45 pounds. This is somewhat heavy, but can still be carried short distances by most people.
In conclusion, the Tiger electric scooter is a scooter that is an appealing unit. It also comes standard with a basket and with a seat. This makes the tiger popular with several groups. The tiger is a good unit - the price is a little high so it is not a bargain. However, it is worth a look for people who like how it looks and want a powerful scooter.
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