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Electric Scooters - Volt
The Volt Electric Scooter is a scooter that provides a lot of value and is very reliable. The scooter delivers solid speed at 12 mph and performed really well against comparable models in our speed tests, outperforming the Z-scooter and several other comparable models. The Volt has been out on the market since August of 2002 and is an excellent scooter. The Volt boasts a top speed of just over 12 miles per hour and it is great for rolling along in the neighborhood or on paved surfaces. The 8 in pneumatic tires ensure that the scooter rider won't get stuck in cracks and also will be able to move smoothly across pavement.

A great feature that we see with the Volt is the seat option. The Volt comes with a detachable seat that can be removed with little additional effort. The seat is also quite adjustable. A rider adjust it so that it is pushed closer to the handlebars or the rider can move it further back to enhance comfort. Most scooter with seats have screw that make the seat fit into only one position. This is the first scooter that we have reviewed that can be adjusted into multiple positions to enhance the comfort of the rider. Moereover, the Volt's motor was specially designed by a scooter manufacturer with many years of experience in designing motors.

The Volt is also extremely light weight - it weighs 39 lbs with the battery. In order tests, the scooter was easy to contol and turned well. The battery resides just underneath the base of the scooter in the board and deck area. Since the battery is tucked away underneath the deck there it does not get in the way of riding or controlling the scooter.

Additionally, the Volt is availble at a great proce. The Volt is usually priced anywhere in the range of $269 to $329. Although from time to time, we may be able to find a special deal that features the Volt priced significantly lower. If you stack the Volt up against the ZZ rider or the Z Turbo the Volt comes out ahead. Both scooters have comparable speed. The Volt is not as heavy as the ZZrider and is lighter than the ZTurbo. The Volt is definately a great option for kids or adults looking for a form of convienent transportation.
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